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Category 2 Art
Title PQ2 Cards & Prints
Description of goods or services PQ2 provide a collection of over 600 images, available in a number of formats and priced accordingly. The Silkscreen collection is printed on heavy art paper.Some of the larger over sized pieces are printed on Magnani paper 310 gr/sq m. The Magnani paper mills were established in Italy since 1404. They are famous for the quality of their papers [Napoleon used them for his wedding card!. The inks used in the printing process are of the highest quality ensuring that they are long term light resistant. Colours are repeatedly layered on to the paper until the depth and required intensity of colour are met. In addition, the inks are environmentally friendly as they are solvent free and do not contain heavy metals. The Watercolour collection of images perfectly suited to the lined watercolour paper they are printed on. This gives the images an air of originality and elegance. All are printed on 280 gsm paper. The Print Collection A massive choice of keenly priced pieces on high quality paper from some of the worlds most revered artists - Rothko, Kandinsky, Monet as well as newer artist such as Corrine Lecot, and the popular Frank Damm. Please let us know when ordering if images are for specific project orders so we can advise on stock shortages and aproximate delivery schedules. The PlexiglassCollection: Prints laid on Plexiglass to give a glossy finish. 10 - 14 days for delivery.
Address PQ2 Cards & Prints
Container City 1 | Studio 2
Trinity Buoy Wharf
64 Orchard Place
London E14 0JW
Telephone 0207 987 9555
Fax 0207 987 9090
Email info@pq2uk.com
WWW www.pq2.biz
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