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Category 1 Supplies - General Supplies
Description of goods or services IT'S A MUST FOR ALL QUALITY FRAMES! The story of The Dickson (also known as the Belfast) Picture Frame Support Bracket began at a meeting of the Art and Object Handlers Association in Birmingham Art Gallery. Art technicians and associated art handlers expressed concern at the damage caused to art frames by existing plates and attachments. Those present maintained that recent innovations had not improved the situation and that there was a need for something better. From that meeting the idea of a support bracket was conceived. Although the bracket appears to be a simple concept, it took some time to develop the idea. It is believed that it will solve many of the problems faced by art and object handlers. The process of fitting the bracket is very simple. First drill a small hole in the back of the frame for the bracket, using a 10mm drill bit. A drill bit producing a flat-bottomed hole is best. Put the bracket in position and secure with two screws. Use a 2.5mm hex key for the central screw. NEVER USE any other tool, as this will damage the screw. Make sure the support bracket and plate are flush with the wall. Never Bend THE PLATE as it will cause damage to the bracket. If necessary, secure a block of wood to the frame first to bridge between the fame and the wall. The bracket allows for a wide range of attachments. Go to the Lion Trade Catalogue, No. 48. Page 117.
Address 177 Tates Avenue
BT12 6NA
Telephone 02890292631
Email info@lionpic.co.uk
WWW www.lionpic.co.uk
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