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Category 2 Art - Artists
Title Jill Hirst Art & Potography
Description of goods or services The portraits are hand painted in high quality Water Colour, Pastel, or Mixed Media . I have found that 16" x 20" is usually a perfect size for animal portraits in that it is large enough to do justice to your pet and yet still fit in nicely with a domestic interior. If you would like one smaller or larger, however, this is no problem at all. Of course you will receive a very accurate likeness of your pet, but more than that - for me each painting is a unique portrait of an individual personality. All you need to do is send me a photograph of your pet - the clearer, the closer, the larger the better. One photograph is fine, but a few is even better as you will help me get more idea of the quirkiness and spirit of your pet. Good lighting makes the biggest difference in getting a good photo and it's always better if you can take it outside, at the same eye level as your pet if possible. I will take good care of your photos and they will always be returned to you. I usually keep the background plain so that the focus is on your pet but if you have any special requests or preference for the colour please feel free to say. Painting from an early age, I'm a self taught artist with a natural ability. I have commisions Worldwide, and letters from HM The Queen who has some of my work taken from sketches of Appleby Horse Fair, which she ejoys very much.
Address South View
Barnard Castle
DL12 9NL
Telephone 01833 650641
Email jill_hirst@hotmail.com
WWW www.jillhirstartandphotography.co.uk
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