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Category 2 Art
Title Big in Art
Description of goods or services Big in Art is new for the art world





Big in Art is new for the art world. It’s a platform for businesses to set up their own web site very simply and cost effectively - a new way to attract customers who can browse and buy art from you online.

We’re offering your own simple-to-set-up web site and web address, with a built-in payment system with shopping cart as well as packaging and DHL courier services.

We’ve already done the hard work, taking the pain and considerable expense out of setting up your own web site. With Big in Art there’s no expensive web design, no hidden costs, no stress, no valuable time spent trying to ‘work it all out’. 

Click here for more information on what Big in Art is all about and how to register – you can even see what your web site would be like before signing up!  

Demonstration Website

Page shows the detail of a specific art piece

Colour: Powder Blue with left aligned menu bar


Demonstration Admin Panel  

Page shows the interface for the administration

system for controlling and managing your website

Everything you need to get your business selling online
Through a simple step-by-step process businesses can register their own unique web address and then design their site through a series of simple options. There’s even the opportunity to select preferred colours and layout styles, and ‘demo’ the site before registering.

Every web site features a built-in payment system as well as fully automated packaging and courier services, making it easy for sellers to process transactions and track customer orders. Plus, there is an extra benefit for artists selling their work ‘direct’ and not via a gallery as there’s no commission to pay with Big in Art.

Bringing the art community together
Big in Art also offers an online hub that helps bring the art community together. Here people can discuss issues, share ideas and discover fresh opportunities.

If you have any questions at any stage you can email us at enquiries@biginart.com

or call us on 0117 9393961

 Buy Art. Sell Art. Big in Art.

Address 63 Luckwell Road
Telephone 0117 9393961
Email info@biginart.com
WWW www.biginart.com
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