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Placing a FREE Ad in the Directory
The UK And Ireland Picture Framer's Trade Directory is an independent resource for picture framers.
If you have goods or services that you wish to offer to UK and Irish framers and gallery owners, you can do so here by placing an ad in the directory.
The trade directory is aligned with the increasingly popular Picture Framer's Forum, and The Framer's Knowledgebase
First Step
If you have already registered with the Picture Framer's Trade Directory, click on Login on the above menu. Otherwise click on Register and proceed with the simple registration procedure.
Second Step
Navigate through to the category most appropriate to the goods or services you provide.
Third Step
Click on Submit ad and fill out the form that is presented.
Note that in the Description of Goods and Services box, you can use HTML in order to enhance your ad, but plain text is also acceptable.
When submitting an ad, a logo or other image can be associated with it by typing its location in the Picture box, or by using the Browse button. The maximum displayed size of this image will be 80 x 80 pixels.
In addition, you can also arrange to display a mini-banner (160 x 60 pixel gif file)
If you need any further information, or require assistance, please get in touch.
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